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Scheduling Patient Care

SygnifiCARE is here to help traverse the worker's compensation process by simplifying the process. Our highly qualified staff of coordinators will manage your physical therapy needs.

Outcome Studies

SygnifiCARE believes in Outcome Studies. Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes (FOTO) provides tools and information to help clinicians meet goals for the patient. FOTO uses evidenced-based therapy data, and provides clinicians and patients with proven engagement tools and data to help ensure patient treatment is effective and efficient.

What is FOTO?

FOTO is an outcomes management system. FOTO measures and provides risk-adjusted, benchmarked reporting and quality management. It tells us where our providers are in regard to the national averages for length of treatment and functional improvement. While our competition spends times measuring average number of visits, amount paid to provider, and did they get their paperwork in on time, we at SygnifiCARE reward those providing good results with higher reimbursement while measuring true outcomes. Our providers want to get your employees well and back to work, but are even more concerned with total cost of care. If you hurry the patient back to work too soon, they are doomed to re-injury, which is more costly in the long run. In truth, we would rather serve to prevent injuries than to treat injured workers.

Case Manager Services

SygnifiCARE works in cooperation with JMS Consulting LLC. We are a locally owned company and we like to deal with other locally owned companies. JMS Consulting out of Conway, AR, has nurse case managers around the state who are available to do any face to face case management services to aid in the medical management of your injured worker and aid to get them back to work expeditiously.

JMS Consullting, LLC Case Management and Cosulting Services in Conway, Arkansas.

Obtaining Medical Records

Our providers send in their reports with their claims, which are then forwarded to you and any case managers you request. Providers using FOTO Outcomes will also provide their FOTO report from their initial evaluation and subsequent status reports showing the progress they have made.